Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Well Well Well...

Why Hello!

It's about time that i jumped on the Blogging Wagon! (influenced by Mike Bladen himself!!) Now i just need something to write about....
Some of you may be wondering about my URL. The Ghiblisaurus thing....Well, basically...heard of Studio Ghibli? The Japanese animation studio?? Well i was trying to tell my boyfriend, Charlie, about one of their films, 'Laputa: Castle in the sky'. I asked him "Have you heard of Studio Ghibli?" to which his reply was "...Ghibli....what the hell is a Ghibli?...You can be my Ghibli!". I then told him "Yes! I'm a Ghibli!" Hense the Ghiblisaurus was born!....We even have a song that he makes me sing on the phone every night before he goes to bed! Haha. So yes. I am a Ghiblisaurus. One of very few around the world. We are a rare species of Big eyed-round-faced-chubby-cheeked-curly-haired-podgy-smiley creatures and proud to be so!!!

(That's me looking very much like my Ghiblisaurus self!!)
Well, I just went out to buy myself this pair of shoes i've had my eyes on for ages....turns out they only had them in a size 6 and seeing as i've got gigantic size 8 clown feet....i got myself a Dark Cherry Mocha from StarBucks and got the bus home! I've been doing that a lot lately. Just going out to the shopping centre. Not necessarily looking for anything. Just getting out of the house...and i have this terrible habit of...well...it's hard to explain....I'll be sitting on a bus and i'll have nothing to occupy my mind....so i'll start making up stories in my head about the people on the bus...based on something i've accidently overheard them say to a friend or a certain carrier bag from a shop they've got with them. For instance the other day this guy in his school uniform said to his mate "I dunno why she got so offended....i mean...i said to her 'you've got an ugly face but a well fit body' and she she almost hit me, man. I mean...what did i do wrong?!" I had to bite my lip from laughing out loud. I just had this image of this girl expecting a compliment and on hearing his rude remark, turning a tomato colour, thwacking him around the ear and storming off. I mean, if my boyfriend had said that about me i can assure you, he'd be my boyfriend no longer!! Lucky for me my boyfriend, Charlie, is a beautiful person inside and out.

(That's my gorgeous rock star of a boyfriend in all his glory!!)
Watching the Holiday at the moment. I love Kate Winslet's opening lines about Love. That everything ever written about love she's found to be true. Like Shakespeare writing that 'Journey's end in lovers' meeting. I don't really believe in that one. One Journey might end in lovers meeting...but a completely different adventure begins once they've met....Right? But i do believe in Shakespeare saying 'Love is blind'. I know that only too well. But every teenager has to go through that once or twice. Anyway...
I think that's all i have to write for today! It's all i have time to write as well! Off to see the school play my Daddy has written for the school he works at! He's amade a full sized Dalek for it! Should be awesome!

Love to all!

Carrie Hope Fletcher