Friday, 1 January 2010


This year has been one of the best so far. So much has happened and i've met so many unbelievable people! When i say year, really i mean since i turned 16-now. So it's a bit longer then a year actually!
This is just a brief run down of my incredible year......

-It all started off Playing Eponine in Les Miserables at Harrow school! There i met some amazing people some of whom are still in my close group of friends even now :
-The Lambert Brothers
-And Ewan......(Sorry if i've forgotten anyone!) AnnndddThrough Ewan i met
and My Charlie Bear.
All of whom have made a huge impact on my life.

Anyhow, there have been a lot of changes in me as a person this year. I finally found a group of friends i belonged with which made me grow as a person. I'm more confident of who i am and i'm not scared to be that person. because i can't be anyone else. No matter who doesn't like it.

Charlie has made such an influence on my life this year. He's extremely wise and has helped me through a lot and i can't thank him enough. We've had a great 7 (almost 8) months and hopefully many more to come :) I love him lots and lots and wish he could have been here for christmas and new years...but at least he's here for Valentines :)

Now, not only did i make a lot of friends during Les Mis, but i also became closer to someone who i can tell will be a life long friend! My Dearest Mr T! What a legend! And to think he's now dating one of my other close friends, Antony's just a beautiful thing to see two of my best friends getting together....:P (they'll kill me for this!!!!) but yes. Mr T. You are a legend and i hope our friendship is a life long pleasure. :)

I had a rather big emotional blow at the end of this year and that was leaving school! I spent 5 years and a term at Northwood College school for girls and i'm going to miss it ridonkulous amounts. I learnt a lot at that school. Not just academically but socially and i learnt a lot about myself and my own potential as a person. I'll miss my mates like Saffy, Vicky and Noor but i'll alos miss my teachers, like Mr Brown, Mrs Spicer, Miss McCoy and most of all my music teacher Dr Roche. He was and still is the biggest legend in this entire world. He wasn't just a teacher. He was a friend.

Well anyways. I'll stop rambling. I hope everyone has a fantastic 2010. I know i will ;)

Carrie Hope Fletcher



Holy cow what a week!
Christmas was amazing! ! Spent it round Tom's house. Got a lot of nice things (The artwork of Tim Burton from Charlie!!) and Giovanna cooked a B.E.A.Utiful christmas dinner for us all! Was extremely yummy in my tummy! The Dr Who special was amazing but when David Tennant regenerates on New year's day.....gonna ruin my day!!! haha

One of the Highlights of my christmas however was having my best buds come and stay over on monday! Mike, Antony and Aaron came over to mine on Monday afternoon and it was such a pleasure to see them all since i hadn't seen them since my christmas party on the 12th! They came over and we chilled out, playing guitar, looking up stupid youtube videos and just chatting. I took for a walk over the park and got Antony's new white shoes....just a little muddy....(he almost killed me)....but my answer was simply "Oi...where's your sense of adventure?!" :P We got Antony the M&M's he'd been craving and headed home to check out cinema times. We managed to convince Mike that he wanted to see Avatar in 3D again....even though he'd seen it once and hated it the first time ..... he hated it even more the second time! haha However i loved it and i recommend seeing it!! Then we TWITCAMMED! For anyone that didn't see it there it is!! It was a right laugh. Had a very big giggle. And i've never loved friends like i love Mike, Antony and Aaron (and woody but he wasn't there! :( )

Which brings me on to my next MAIN point! Can guys and gals be friends?
HELL YES they can! Now i have a lot of male friends. Simply coz i find it easier to get on with guys. Grew up with a brother what can i say? But I don't care what people think! Antony and i have been friends for about 2 years now and Mike and i have been friends about a year.....and nothing has ever gone on between us! Well....actually....I think something is going on between Antony and Mike....but that's a totally different, guy/guy situation! Relationships are all about trust. Boyfriends can have female mates and if the girlfriend trusts him enough then there should be no problem. And Vice versa. Charlie trusts me with having male friends because he knows i love him but he also knows i love Mike and Antony just as much. It's just a different kinda love people. And i'm not stupid enough to test his trust nor would i want to!

Anyways. I'm getting mega tired and i'm watching Benjamin Button! a fiver in sainsbury's! BARGAIN!

Nighty Night all


Rockin' around the christmas tree!

This week has been a real rollercoaster!!
Last saturday was my Christmas Party! It was INCREDIBLE!!!!! The idea behind it was that Charlie isn't spending christmas here but in Hong Kong where he my mum said "why don't we have a christmas dinner for him?" which then turned into a christmas party! This would also give Charlie the chance to meet the members of my family and friends that he hasn't met yet! Surprise surprise...they loved him!!!

The party was a success! We boogied, drank wine, ate lots of pizza and above all....we sang and played guitar a hell of a lot!!! My brother happily picked up the guitar and delighted us with a few Mcfly numbers and my mates Antony, Woody and Mike were more than happy to join in! I mean....look at their faces!!

Anyways, Charlie had his interview for Oxford the following monday so he couldn't stay over so Mike, Antony, Aaron, Woody and my friend noor stayed over instead. We were up all night laughing like loonies over the most pathetic jokes!! We ended up getting to sleep at 8am and waking up about 10am!!! Ridonkulous! But it's the best night i've had ALL year!!!

Anyways, So on wednesday i went into school for my last day ever!!! I've been at that school now for 5 years and i'm going to miss it a hell of a lot! I went to say goodbye to my legendary music teacher and we sat reminiscing of the concerts and plays we both worked on together. He got all teary as did i and seeing as it was my last day he gave me a hug and told me to keep in touch! You see, My music teacher joined the school the same year as i did and me being a bit of a misfit found that i belonged in the Performing Arts Centre and my music teacher was more than happy to let me sing whilst he played piano every lunch time. i guess what i'm trying to say is that he became a friend instead of a teacher. And out of all the friends i made at NC i'm going to miss him the most. Dr Roche, You're a legend.

After that emotional blow, Charlie met me from school with a bunch of flowers. We got some lunch and headed back to my house to eat the sarnies we got watch "The Santa Clause"!!! After that we went took the train to Kensington where he lives when he's in london to watch Family Guy!!! (I'm a huge fan of that now after Charlie educating me!! haha). It was there i got a call from my brother telling me my parents had had a car crash and they were all at the hospital! He reassured me everyone was ok just cuts and bruises and a bit of whiplash on my dad's part! Once i put the phone down i was in tears again! Charlie made me a cup of tea and i calmed down and we talked things through. once i'd stopped crying i could barely stand up. Emotional exhaustion i'd say!
The next morning Charlie and i went to Patisserie Valerie for breakfast. Croque Madame! AMAZING! I was unbelievably hungry but that did the trick! Charlie then packed and i was forced to say goodbye to him at the train station :/ This time the both of us were in tears and it took a lot to leave.
When i got home, Tom was at the house looking after mum and dad who couldn't move around very much at all! Unfortunately mum found out yesterday that she's got a chipped sternum....y'know...the bone down the centre of your chest that links all your ribs! OWEE! She's ok though. Just strong painkillers for her!!

So yeah, what a week eh?! Got Antony, Aaron, Woody and Mike coming over on wednesday so they should be able to cheer me up ! And if they can't then i'm kicking the all out of the house! We're twitcamming though so it'll be fine! For those who follow me you'd better be watching!!
Well it's late so i'm gonna scoot off to bed!!
Nighty night all!
The Ghiblisaurus!