Friday, 1 January 2010


Holy cow what a week!
Christmas was amazing! ! Spent it round Tom's house. Got a lot of nice things (The artwork of Tim Burton from Charlie!!) and Giovanna cooked a B.E.A.Utiful christmas dinner for us all! Was extremely yummy in my tummy! The Dr Who special was amazing but when David Tennant regenerates on New year's day.....gonna ruin my day!!! haha

One of the Highlights of my christmas however was having my best buds come and stay over on monday! Mike, Antony and Aaron came over to mine on Monday afternoon and it was such a pleasure to see them all since i hadn't seen them since my christmas party on the 12th! They came over and we chilled out, playing guitar, looking up stupid youtube videos and just chatting. I took for a walk over the park and got Antony's new white shoes....just a little muddy....(he almost killed me)....but my answer was simply "Oi...where's your sense of adventure?!" :P We got Antony the M&M's he'd been craving and headed home to check out cinema times. We managed to convince Mike that he wanted to see Avatar in 3D again....even though he'd seen it once and hated it the first time ..... he hated it even more the second time! haha However i loved it and i recommend seeing it!! Then we TWITCAMMED! For anyone that didn't see it there it is!! It was a right laugh. Had a very big giggle. And i've never loved friends like i love Mike, Antony and Aaron (and woody but he wasn't there! :( )

Which brings me on to my next MAIN point! Can guys and gals be friends?
HELL YES they can! Now i have a lot of male friends. Simply coz i find it easier to get on with guys. Grew up with a brother what can i say? But I don't care what people think! Antony and i have been friends for about 2 years now and Mike and i have been friends about a year.....and nothing has ever gone on between us! Well....actually....I think something is going on between Antony and Mike....but that's a totally different, guy/guy situation! Relationships are all about trust. Boyfriends can have female mates and if the girlfriend trusts him enough then there should be no problem. And Vice versa. Charlie trusts me with having male friends because he knows i love him but he also knows i love Mike and Antony just as much. It's just a different kinda love people. And i'm not stupid enough to test his trust nor would i want to!

Anyways. I'm getting mega tired and i'm watching Benjamin Button! a fiver in sainsbury's! BARGAIN!

Nighty Night all



  1. Hi Carrie! ^^ I was going to text something in my blog when I decided to read this post. And I totally agree with you, I always repeat that we can have male friends and just feel the "love of friend"! I have a lot of male friends and I know that I'll never feel another feeling for them that isn't this.

  2. Benjamin is sooo amazing movie. I love it.

    And you're right - friendship between boy and girl is possible, I know something about it. I noticed that one part of girls, who have older brothers, find easier to get on with guys than girls. So am I. Older brother is absolutely great thing, isn't it? ;)