Sunday, 28 March 2010

Love you and leave you.

Charlie's gone back home to Hong Kong for the three weeks Easter holiday....andddd the depression has set in.
Yesterday we spent most of the day together. I met him at his boarding house with his younger but taller brother, Nickie and headed to their flat. We dropped off their cases and headed to Nando's for lunch. We ate quite a lot i must admit! We all ate 10 chicken wings each, shared a plate of garlic bread and chips (however i didn't eat many of the and all that!) We washed our rather sticky chickeny hands and left just after the rain had stopped. On our way back Charlie and i decided to sing disney songs at the top of our lungs even though a lot of people were giving us funny looks....including Nickie who had quickened his pace to pretend he wasn't with us!
We got back to the flat and Charlie and i decided to look up flight of the conchords songs and laughed quite a lot at the lines "Have you ever been told that you look like a llama" and "The day after my birthday is not my birthday, mum". Seriously, if you haven't seen them before, check out flight of the conchords....but be prepared for silliness!!!
Anyway, charlie and i Ustreamed for a bit which you can still watch if you so wish to....

So then Charlie and i decided to watch a few friends episodes and eat more of the easter egg i got him....we couldn't finish it! It's still sitting in his fridge as i type! Then i got all emotional and started crying and then he hugged me but...wouldn't let go....because he was crying himself and was making my the shoulder of my top all wet!! We sat and cried for a while and told each other that obviously we were gonna be ok...we were crying simply because of how much we're gonna miss each other. We've suffered worse. 2 months last summer was absolute agony. We'll manage 3 weeks!

I spoke to him today on skype and he's arrived in Hong Kong safely. I'll be taking my laptop with me to Florida so i can keep in touch and keep him up to date on which characters i've met :P I didn't think anyone could love someone this much. I thought stuff like this belonged in fairytales and movies and that's where it stayed. Charlie's really managed to sweep me off my feet!!! and i'm pretty sure it's not gonna change for a long long time!

All my love!




  1. Your so lucky to have met someone like him carrie! Hold onto him for as long as you possibly can. You guys are....beyond perfect and i hope i find someone in my life who is even HALF as perfect for me as charlie is for you. I wish you all the best and i hope the next 3 weeks just fly by. Please could you reply to me on twitter (@smilerzgurl) just to let me know you get would mean so much.

    Have fun in florida and tell charlie to hurry up and get home for more awesome ustreams haha
    Love rachael xxx

  2. God, this picture is so sweet, but ... I really think (though also think that will ruin the poetry) that you should use a tag on it .. before many sites use your pic or other people to use personal tags on it! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

  3. com preguiça de ir pro google translate,então vai em portuguese mesmo .'-'. ...nha Carri, vocês 2 são tão cutes juntos...e ela vai voltar pra vc afinal como vc mesma disse, são só 3 weeks...calma, ele volta logo, logo, pros seus bracinhos *-*

    Vocês dois são lindos juntos, e cantam em perfeita sintonia nos ustream da vida haha...
    relaxa linda (:
    ele vai voltar o/

    se cuida, não gosto de saber que vc esta sad ;p

    xo xo

  4. gosh, that's so beautiful :')
    and a bit sad too though!
    hope these 3 weeks pass quickly...
    didn't know you have a blog btw. xxx


  5. Wow that pic is so sweet!!! you guys are the most cute couple...

  6. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the way you write, you're amazing, and you'll be fine, don't worry.. and charlie will be fine too, i guess you will miss each other but, everything will be ok! everytime i watch your ustreams with him, i feel like watching a disney movie, seriously haha and i've captured some moments, they're on my twitpic, i love the way you stare at each other! thanks for blogging carrie, i really love your blogs!
    love xxx

  7. When I look to you, I think... Exist twin souls! It have to exist!

  8. that picture speaks a thousand words...

    you can see the love, in that picture, before you even read your words.

    sounds like you two have something really special xx

  9. Don't worry, like you said, it's just 3 weeks, he will come back to you so fast :)
    I love to see you singing together, it's sooo lovely.. *---------------------*

    you're so cute !
    hey, one more thing, I love that music.. hã.."I'm sorry, i love you" It's amazing!


  10. Aaawh, the pic is really cute.
    You should have an advent calendar, for everyday you miss Charlie.
    Things like that really works.
    Have fun in Florida.

  11. i love your pic with him,must be hard have a relationship & be separated of your love for a long time.I saw you on ustream,& when Charlie sees you,he sees you with love,& the same with you,you see him with happyness in your eyes,for that i think that you & him can with the stupid distance,your love is stronger than some kms :)

    @WonderJulie Xxx

  12. you guys are just so lovely together :)
    whenever i watch your ustreams it makes me smile at the way you look at each other, you're both amazingly talented too!

    dont worry, 3 weeks will pass & he'll be back, but i can imagine its very hard for you at the moment

  13. Such an emotional and marvelous post, Carrie! It only shows how much you love each other and that time makes it grows stronger and stronger. Three weeks' an eternity for lovers, you'll miss him but time will fly by, be sure you can manage it.
    Wish you both the best, love like this you won't find anywhere else. x

  14. 10 chicken wings? ueah that's much :P
    I love it when you're Ustreaming!!! Keep it coming *angel face*

    the two of you are so cute together, and whilst he's away you remember you got us ^^

  15. It's tough!! I know exactly how you feel! My boyfriend is from Romenia and I am from Brazil.. we met in London, and lived one year and a half together there, than we came to brazil together.. and he left for a month.. was pretty bad but got worse.. now he is in Romenia and is only coming back in 6 months... it is heartbreaking, difficult... but if it is love.. we manage!! Don't worry 3 weeks go by fast.. and if you have something fun to do, it will be a bit easier!!