Monday, 29 March 2010

The scribbles of a lonely girlfriend!

I have this big shoe box covered in brown paper with pink butterflies. Well it started off as a small box but it started overflowing so it's bigger now. It's called My Happy Place. It's filled with things from Mine and Charlie's relationship since we started going out almost a year ago. Charlie's away in Hong Kong at the moment and i guess this box is just a way of me remembering him. Like there's a little piece of Charlie's Soul in that box for whenever i need comfort when he's away. It may sound soppy and corny but when someone you love is away a lot you need some sort of comfort...right? So i thought it'd be therapeutic to share with you some of the things that are in my safe little haven!

So this is my happy place! Memories Galore. Some of them being sweet treats we've had. Like the last can of coke from The Hill Cafe that Charlie let me had while he had to settle with Orangina. Once we went ice skating where there was a Chuppa Chup machine that was slightly the sense that one 20p gave us 17 lollies! We split them and of course i ate some but saved a few for my box!!

This ones a little odd. The night Charlie and i told each other we loved each other we were supposed to be going to the funfair...but when we got there it was closed! So we all sat down and chilled out in the park nearby for a while. Half way through our time there we realized we'd lost our friend Ewan who had had a little to much to drink. We called him and turns out he had just stumbled off to the nearest train station to go home without saying goodbye! We found him sitting down by the station in the middle of the street holding 2 halves of a coconut and a yellow lightbulb that he'd "found" near the fair. He put the lightbulb in half of the coconut and handed it to me. "Present!" he drunkenly slurred at me. We put Ewan in a cab which Charlie ended up paying for. We found out the next day that Ewan had left his bag in the cab and the driver had taken advantage of Ewan's drunken state and overcharged him! Poor boy! Anyways, the coconut went bad but i stll kept the lightbulb in memory of the night of "i love you's".

Next in the box is two menus and what we ordered from a Dim Sum restaurant called The Phoenix Palace on baker Street. It's amazing but Charlie orders too much!

To go along with that, the last time we were at this restaurant, Charlie tried to teach me some chinese. I wasn't any good! :S

There's a Ben's Cookies shop in the station near where Charlie lives and every time we go past Charlie insists on getting me a cookie. Seriously....i am the human cookie monster....

This is from the shop i introduced Charlie too. He's obsessed with comics and graphic novels and he was rather grateful that i took him there....however he now is a lot of money worse off seeing as he spends it all in this shop! haha

Usually Charlie and i meet up during the school week in the graveyard at the church on the hill. Sometimes we take snacks to munch on. Once i took twiglets for Charlie and a chocolate orange for me which we shared and Charlie made me keep the packet!!

These are tickets to the concerts and places we've been to. Including The Script, The Killers, Ice skating at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, a concert at Charlie's school on our 5th monthaversary! and the charity concert Charlie organized in london!

This is a Chanel Chocolate and rasberry lolly Charlie gave me for Valentines day which i've refused to eat because i want to keep it! Underneath is also a cutting from the wrapping the roses he gave me were wrapped in!

Charlie also gave me a purple photo album for Valentines day, full of pictures of times we've spent together in our long journey of being a couple!

The original lyrics to Trains that he gave me the day he first played and taught it to me. This one makes me quite tearful!

While Charlie is away we usually like to send each other letters. Keeps the traditionally romance alive. Emails are all too modern and hardly show real love right? So this is a pile of letters written by Charlie to me all wrapped up in a ribbon.

So that's my most cherished items in My Happy Place :)

Hope i didn't bore you all or get too soppy! Just thought this might help my little throbbing heart whilst Charlie's away. Surprisingly it's helped! Hope you enjoyed!

All my love,




  1. That's so wonderful that you have all those keepsakes and memories! <3

  2. aaaawn ...where did you find him? there are more charlies??? haha we all need one!! Lucky Girl.. don't be sad 'cause he is far away, be happy he is gonna come back!!;D from a fan! (sorry my bad english) @mahpena

  3. Naw :) I missed my ex a hell of a lot when he was away, he was in the army so when he was in Afgan I didnt know whether I would see him again- luckily I did. I have a box still from our happy times, I refuse to part with it. Sadly, we split last year but we are still good mates :)

    Dont let romance die! Just think of it ina way that you can catch up on things you may have missed out on, like not seeing your mates as much, or seeing your parents, things like that.

    Love Sophie :) xx

  4. Aw how cute! I have two boxes here. One is for friends letter, wich's totally full, and the other one is for life memories. I totally agree with you about letters. I used to write to a friend of mine that lives a little bit far away from me letters with 13 pages! Was so awesome.
    Thank you for share a little piece of your life with us. Was really kind of you! Xxx

  5. little post hein? hahaha ;p
    auhsuahus, eu aodrei essa sua caixinha de recordaçoes suas e do charlie *-*...tem bastante coisa legal e especial, guardaram momentos magicos da vida de vocês e...parece até um lindo rilme de amor *-*...amei mesmo esse sue post, me inspirou a fazer uam caixinah assim tbm...but só que é com as minhas amigas...i loved‼


  6. awww....this is soo cutee and romantic...I ♥ it..!

  7. Aaawh. It's so cute. You are one of the most luckiest girls on earth, having such a sweet boyfriend.
    And not only Charlie. Think about your whole family, you should be very happy to have them.
    In my previous comment I wrote this too, but think about something like an advent calendar. Everyday a little present, or even a coockie from that store you wrote about. Till Charlie is back.
    Days go faster and everyday is one day closer to when you see Charlie again. Maybe it's a little bit childish, but it really works.
    Or go on ustream and sing a little for your fans. Haha.
    xx one of your fans.

  8. you didnt bored me! i loved it! haha charlie went to a coldplay concert right? i can see it from the butterflies! haha, oh carrie, i love the way you write and i love every blog of you, this one was very original, i just loved it! thanks for blogging!

  9. Oh dear... is think the is really sweet.
    I loved the yellow lightbulb story ^^
    I have a box full of letters and some silly things that reminds me the best moments with my friends... I love having a box of memories :)
    is the best way of remember those special moments
    Love you Carrie, you're my idol, I really admire you and your talent x

    PS: I don't want to be rude but... Why don't you publish the chords of your songs in your blog?? I'd really love that... Thank you xx

  10. It sounds like you have an amazing relationship :) That's an excellent idea, to have a "my happy place" box. Might get that as well when I get a boyfriend. Haha. Take care Carrie. xx

  11. awwwww. what a cute box :)
    and yeah, handwritten letters are the best!

  12. you are really romantic!
    I like to read posts like yours, full of love, conveys much of what you can feel!
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  14. this is lovely :') lets hope there are more charlies in the world :-).
    but you know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder :)